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  • For the private labelling option, there is a minimum order of 100 units and we will need to get your artwork for the label.
  • The maximum size of the labels is 100mm wide X 68mm high.
  • The label is a normal adhesive vinyl wrap-around label
  • The unit cost reduces as the order quantity increases as can be seen in the table below. There is however a set-up fee for the printing plates if we are unable to print them digitally. Please send me you label/logo so that we can see if we can print it digitally.
  • We do have an outer box as well that can have your artwork/logo but it is not included in the above pricing. Please let us know if you require details of the box pricing and production quantities.


  • The other alernative is sending unlabelled products. We can supply the foamers pre-filled but without labels. You may then have labels printed and applied in Denmark.
    We include the MSDS with the shipment.
  • All ingredients are listed in the MSDS
  • The unit cost decreases as the size of the order increases as shown below.

All private label goods are manufactured in South Africa and supplied on a FOB freight basis out of Cape Town – South Africa. We use UPS and shipping is on a 7 day Door to Door basis. We will work your courier as well if required.