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World of Beauty – 5 Stars (Caroline Legassick Marais)

Eyelash Extensions artists as myself know that we should, follow proper sterilization and disinfection guidelines when applying eyelashes. Always go to certified Lash Artist with plenty of good reviews, an awesome portfolio. To wash eyelash extensions we recommend Luscious Lashes International Foaming Eyelid Cleanser My Clients love it as it helps to relieve the scratchy, uncomfortable feeling often associated with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions by Pamela – 5 Stars (Pamela Pamela)

Wow, Eyes feeling super refreshed every time I use the Luscious Lashes eyelash Foam Cleanser Foam I love it! My Clients also love me being super excited about it and I can tell on the sales going out. I will be putting in my next order soon. All my Clients love it Thank you so much, for these amazing products I am so proud to give all my clients the best Foam cleanser specially designed by LashMasters

Binc Pro Beauty Stafford – 5 Stars (Michelle Greatbatch)

This is the best Foam Cleanser I’ve ever used not only did it help one of my Clients who had bad Blepharitis, this Foam cleanser is AMAZING it not only keeps lashes squeaky clean but it keeps my clients eyes in perfect condition, no red eyelid no itchy no crusting no more bacteria build-up. Thank you, Luscious Lashes International

Love Michelle xx

Maryna Volschenk

Lash technician Eastern Free State

Love the Rooibos with gentle surfactants and has the anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, and purifying qualities not found in other lash cleansers and eye make-up removers I have been using the Rooibos cleanser from Luscious Lashes and now all my clients use it.

Elmarie Verheem Opperman

Certified Bridal Fashion make-up Artist (Western Cape)

I have recently “discovered” a stunning new product, “by Luscious Lashes “International a fabulous product made by an equally fabulous company, Specifically -formulated, by Lash Masters for eyelash extensions, and for the sensitive eye area, containing tea tree oil. My Client Love this product. No more debris or dirty lashes

Vineshree Muthen

Reginal Trainer Representative KZN

I heartily endorse Luscious Lashes Cleansers The aloe ferox (designed by LashMaster for Eyelash extensions ). The cleanser gently removes makeup and dead skin cells and natural skin secretions for a great lash application. I have traded my primer for the Cleansers Love these products.

Hi Luscious Lashes,

I’ve been following your activities for your cleanser for a while. Today, my partner and I launched a new studio for lash extensions in Germany. And I am aiming for higher quality and an exquisite ambiance so it’s only natural that we want to use the best products available. I’d love your sample of the eyelash lid cleanser hat you have send us and it will be a product we not only be using in our studio but will defiantly also sell to our experienced lash clients. We just Love it xxx